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Stress Doesn’t Come From What’s Happening

Yes, you read the title correctly.

Stress doesn’t come from what’s happening in your life.

Stress comes from what you THINK about what’s happening in your life.

Let’s say that you lost your job. It isn’t the actual loss of the job that’s stressful, it’s what you think not having a job represents. I.e. you won’t be able to pay your bills, feed your family, travel, etc. It’s your thinking about losing your job that causes stress. Let’s say you didn’t need to work and were financially independent. If you got laid off, it would not be as stressful for you.

Your thinking causes you to feel certain emotions and your emotions cause your body to take action. When you repeatedly take action, you will get a result in your life.

This is how your outside world is a reflection of your inside world.

Contrary to what we may believe, we don’t see the world clearly, as it truly is. We see the world as we are. Through our own lens.

The law of correspondence states that your outer world will reflect your inner world. Everything and everyone is a reflection.

To change something on the outside, we must change it first from the inside by changing our thoughts.

Said another way, we need to change our perception and perspective so we can see something different than the way we currently envision it.

When our perception shifts, we have more empowering thoughts and we will take more empowering actions. Our results will show up to reflect the change in empowerment, we will think better thoughts and the cycle repeats itself.

This is how I work best with people, by shifting their perspectives on a situation. Most often, it’s changing the perspective of one’s health. When I work with someone, we can make this change by working with the body through adjustments and also by changing the frequency with FSM.

Remember that your thinking can also change in the opposite way. If you’re frustrated, chaotic or restless within, this will also reflect on the outside.

This is why looking at what’s happening around you can tell you about what’s happening within you.

Begin by identifying your core challenges on the inside including mindset, limiting beliefs, self-esteem and worthiness issues. Then the inner work begins to change it.

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