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Tapping Into Your Intuition

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It isn’t the survival of the fittest that counts. It’s the species that’s most adaptable to change.

We want to be able to regulate our nervous system so that we are in the correct state we need to be (i.e. sympathetic and parasympathetic) at the correct time.

In addition, we weren’t put here on earth in order to simply survive, we were given all the tools to thrive.

Your intuition is an internal guidance system that helps you to unlock the keys to thriving.

Your intuition has been with you your entire life.

Most people tap into it unconsciously meaning that once in a while, here and there, they get an insight, ah-ha moment, serendipity happens for them. 

Like any skill, talent or gift you’ve worked hard to develop, the more you tap into your intuition, the more you hear it.

What state is the best state to hear the messages from your higher self?

When you have a balanced nervous system. 

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