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Next Level Manifestation

I first heard about the manifestation process 17 years ago when I was in chiropractic school. I was shown the movie, The Secret, by a classmate and I was intrigued. Is there possibly a way to bring to you what you desire?

I tried the steps that were presented but had lack luster results at best.

Fast forward to last year. I was working with a coach and we delved further into the manifestation process. A breakthrough occurred when I realized that I had many limiting beliefs that held me back. I worked hard at clearing them, it’s a never ending process, and my results started to increase.

Last summer, I was introduced to Chinese metaphysics. I was particularly drawn to one of the modalities, Qi Men, as there was a manifestation component to this tool. So, I set out to learn the Chinese art of manifestation. When I combined the two processes (The East and the West), I was able to become more intentional with my results. 

The final piece of the puzzle was a tool that I had been using in my practice for treating patients. I was using frequency in a therapeutic sense and one day realized that I could use it to help increase the rate at which my manifestations came to me.

When I added all my learnings together, I realized that I had found a way to intentionally manifest my desires and cut down the timelines in which it took to do them. 

Why am I teaching this now?

Last week, I was on a training session with a mentor of mine and there were 1000 people there. My mentor decided to give away prizes and when she announced one of them, I decided that I was going to manifest myself winning it and I did. It was something worth $700 and it represented something bigger. I was so excited and in my celebration, I got a message that this was a process that I had to share with you.

So, on Monday, March 6 at 11 am EST, I will be doing a FREE masterclass about this next level manifestation process.

Don’t miss this as it may be the only time I teach it.

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