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You Do Not Have Time

Last week was a tough week to navigate for me. Several incidents occurred that broke me open and allowed me to experience a complete range of emotions. Below is a poem I wrote to encompass the importance of my deepest learning: You do not have time. You think you have time. You don’t. A couple…

Desire-Led Healing

The road less travelled. When you focus on your pain, you get more pain. Think about it for a second, let’s say you stub your toe getting out of bed. Next, you go into the bathroom and your toothpaste has run out, you’re running late….what do you start saying to yourself? This is going to…

Do You Want More?

Wanting more is a part of life. More belongs in life. Wanting more is life, seeking fulfillment. When we examine nature, it is a constant cycle of expansion and growth. If you look at my front yard, the weeds are growing more and more. When you look at the trees, the leaves fall and winter…

How Quickly Can Change Happen?

Change is a force that shapes our lives and the world around us. It can be gradual, slow, or sudden, catching us off guard.  One of the most intriguing aspects of change is how it can happen in an instant, like a lightning bolt transforming the landscape. These moments of rapid transformation are like the…


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Hi, I’m Dr. Amanda. I’m a non-traditional chiropractor who focuses on Neuro-Optimization. I am a writer, speaker, mother, life-long learner, and traveler. My life’s mission is to help guide people on their healing journey.

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