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Why Am I Not Healing?

One of the questions I’m asked most often is: Why am I not healing?

Here is something I want you to think about: Have you let go of everything that’s keeping you sick?

Depending on what you need to heal from, different levels of commitment will be required from you.

If you’re healing from a paper cut or a bruise, there’s usually not much that needs to change in your life. 

However, if you are looking to heal from a long-term chronic illness or autoimmune disease, then a shift in your current habits and behaviours is required.

Changes could include: 

While people tend to come up with physical things to improve on like diet and exercise. They often neglect to let go of emotional or mental structures that weigh them down.

Healing requires energy. If your energy is taken up by regret, shame, blame, guilt, etc. how much of it do you have left to heal?

If you have a belief that you don’t deserve to heal, how likely will healing happen?

If you want to heal and you are a smoker and are continuously putting toxins into your body, how likely will you heal?

What’s one thing you need to let go of that’s keeping you from healing? Comment below.

I’ve created an intensive online healing course. It’s for people who are deeply committed to their health, life and healing.

If that’s you, I’d love to have you join us on this journey:

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