Healing Your Nervous System

Last week, I had the privilege of being interviewed in the Ask Us Beauty: Beauty Inside Out podcast.

Give it a listen HERE or by listening below.

One of the questions I was asked was, “what is Neuro-Optimization?”

Neuro-Optimization consists of 2 parts. The regulation of your nervous system and the optimization of your nervous system.

“Why would your nervous system need to be regulated?”

This is a good question. A balanced nervous system can regulate itself. However, if you have not done work to heal from your past hurts, traumas, stresses, then it may need help to recalibrate.

Your nervous system developed when you were in the womb. While it was developing, you were being prepared to enter the world and into your family. You felt the emotions that your mother experienced and were bathed in the same chemicals released in her body when she was pregnant. You could also hear sounds. If your parents were fighting, your nervous system was created so you could fit in to that environment. Nature is brilliant.

As you grew up, different traumas and stresses impacted your nervous system. A trauma is a sudden emotional impact or small events repeated over time. If you were never taught to regulate your nervous system after stress or trauma, then your body could still continue to react now to what it experienced in the past.

Need help regulating your nervous system?

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Published by Dr. Amanda Chan

Dr. Amanda Chan is a non-traditional chiropractor located in Ottawa, ON. She focuses on Neuro-Optimization which looks at the physical, emotional and thought patterns affecting your body and your life. Her mission is to give you specific tools and strategies to guide you on your healing journey.

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