Healing Your Nervous System

Last week, I had the privilege of being interviewed in the Ask Us Beauty: Beauty Inside Out podcast. Give it a listen HERE or by listening below. One of the questions I was asked was, “what is Neuro-Optimization?” Neuro-Optimization consists of 2 parts. The regulation of your nervous system and the optimization of your nervousContinue reading “Healing Your Nervous System”

Stress Doesn’t Come From What’s Happening

Yes, you read the title correctly. Stress doesn’t come from what’s happening in your life. Stress comes from what you THINK about what’s happening in your life. Let’s say that you lost your job. It isn’t the actual loss of the job that’s stressful, it’s what you think not having a job represents. I.e. youContinue reading “Stress Doesn’t Come From What’s Happening”