Breakdown or Breakthrough?

Patient: Am I having a breakdown or a breakthrough?

Me: Both. You are breaking down in order to break through to a new level. Before you can go to the next level of your health, healing, relationship, finances, etc. you need to let go of everything that’s keeping you where you are.

If you want to fly, you need to let go of anything that’s holding you down. This could be physical things like relationships, eating food that’s bad for you, drinking excess alcohol or limiting beliefs, unprocessed trauma, and old hurts.

Here are 5 signs that you are about to have a breakthrough:

1. Disagreements with people. You may be ready to go to the next level of energy, healing, abundance, connection, etc. and others may not be. Some people will come along and others will be left behind. When you get into disagreements with people close to you, it’s as if their subconscious mind knows that you are changing. Their mind says, danger, danger, danger so they tried to hold on to you stronger. This may look like trying to make you feel guilty or trying to take away your power. 

2. Calm before the storm. You’ve reached a plateau in your life, healing, etc. and you know that there’s something more. You get a feeling that something is coming but you don’t know what it is yet. This is an ideal time to rest so you have energy for what’s next.

3. You become aware of what’s holding you down. Before you can get to your next level, you need to let go of anything that’s holding you down at your current level.

4. Your subconscious mind will say anything to you in order to keep you safe. It will yell loud and clear and bring up all your wounds. It will shout: You can’t do this, you’re not good enough, you’re not worthy, etc. and all of this because it’s trying to keep you safe. It doesn’t have a pattern for your next level YET, so it thinks it’s a life or death situation so it pulls out all its tricks. 

5. Synchronicity. You start to see the universe align for you. The right people, the exact things you need, and what you hear, are all lined up and are exactly what you need to experience at that moment. 

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Published by Dr. Amanda Chan

Dr. Amanda Chan is a non-traditional chiropractor located in Ottawa, ON. She focuses on Neuro-Optimization which looks at the physical, emotional and thought patterns affecting your body and your life. Her mission is to give you specific tools and strategies to guide you on your healing journey.

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