What is Nervous System Regulation?

My focus in practice is to give people tools and strategies to regulate their nervous system.

A question that I often get asked is: What does it mean to regulate your nervous system?

Having a regulated nervous system means that you have the ability to choose your response in any given environment or condition.

You may think that everyone responds to their environment however, this is not true. People usually react to their environment, which is different from responding to it.

Let’s first go back to how your nervous system was first conditioned. As a developing fetus, your cells would have grown in such that they became your spinal column, brain, nerves etc.

On top of that, you would have experienced some of the emotions that your mother was feeling at that time. If she was in constant stress, her body would have released cortisol and adrenaline and you would have been bathed in those chemicals as well. 

As you grew bigger and developed ears, you would have been able to hear some noises close to your mother—I.e. music, laughter, an angry argument, etc.

This is brilliant on the part of nature as your nervous system would have been conditioned for the environment (family) that you would be coming into.

Once born, you would have learned how to regulate your nervous system through your parents and others around you.

As you grew older still, your experiences would have shaped your nervous system. What’s more important than the actual events in your life is how you felt about your experiences. I.e. was there trauma involved?

By the time you’re an adult, your beliefs, triggers, reactions, etc. have been deeply engrained into your nervous system. 

Your paradigm of how you see the world is set and unless you become aware of some of the shortcomings in your views, you will continue to react instead of respond.

How you respond becomes a choice when you have a regulated nervous system. 

Do you feel like you have a choice?

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Published by Dr. Amanda Chan

Dr. Amanda Chan is a non-traditional chiropractor located in Ottawa, ON. She focuses on Neuro-Optimization which looks at the physical, emotional and thought patterns affecting your body and your life. Her mission is to give you specific tools and strategies to guide you on your healing journey.

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  1. This is one of the best ever explanations of responding to your environment that I have ever heard. Love the work you are doing

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