The Santa Claus Effect

The Santa Claus Effect is a profound concept that I learned from one of my mentors. Every cause has an effect. While we can see this in our physical bodies i.e. if you lift weights, your muscles will become stronger, it is harder at times to see it with our decisions. However, every decision youContinue reading “The Santa Claus Effect”

Stress Doesn’t Come From What’s Happening

Yes, you read the title correctly. Stress doesn’t come from what’s happening in your life. Stress comes from what you THINK about what’s happening in your life. Let’s say that you lost your job. It isn’t the actual loss of the job that’s stressful, it’s what you think not having a job represents. I.e. youContinue reading “Stress Doesn’t Come From What’s Happening”

Are You Playing Too Safe?

My father left my family when I was a young child and took all the money with him. Since then, my immigrant mother raised us by herself.  ​Through the trauma, I’ve developed many patterns in my nervous system, both negative and positive. By doing the work, I’ve learned to uncouple some of the patterns inContinue reading “Are You Playing Too Safe?”

How Do You Make Decisions?

We all make decisions several times a day. The question isn’t whether you have to make them but who are you being when you make them.  This is very important because the person you are being in the moment essentially chooses who you want to become, one decision at a time. Most of us, makeContinue reading “How Do You Make Decisions?”

The Universal Law of Action

The universal law of action states that we must take physical action in order to create that which we want to manifest. When you do something and take action towards what you desire, you will attract it to come towards you faster. This makes sense. Let’s say that you desire to have a strong body.Continue reading “The Universal Law of Action”

Are You A Vibrational Match For Your Healing?

Think back to high school physics class. In it, we learned that molecules are always in vibration. Even in the case of a solid object such as a desk, the molecules are constantly in motion but because our eyes cannot perceive it, we think it’s standing still. Our cells in our body are also inContinue reading “Are You A Vibrational Match For Your Healing?”