Upgrading Your FIR Sauna Experience

As some of you know, I often use the FIR sauna at BioHeal Ottawa as a part of my wellness routine. The FIR sauna is great for the stimulation of your detoxification pathways. Here are some ways that you can maximize your FIR sauna experience. Note: If you are currently suffering from a health conditionContinue reading “Upgrading Your FIR Sauna Experience”

Tapping Into Your Intuition

It isn’t the survival of the fittest that counts. It’s the species that’s most adaptable to change. We want to be able to regulate our nervous system so that we are in the correct state we need to be (i.e. sympathetic and parasympathetic) at the correct time. In addition, we weren’t put here on earthContinue reading “Tapping Into Your Intuition”

A Change of Emotion is a Change in Destiny

Imagine you responded with only two emotions, happy and sad in your daily life. As you go about your day, whatever came up in your environment, you would respond with happy or sad. You receive an email, happy or sad. You get cut off in traffic, happy or sad. You listened to the news, happyContinue reading “A Change of Emotion is a Change in Destiny”

Create Your Own Economy

Yes, there is a recession going on and the economy seems to be slowing down. Yes, people will lose jobs. Yes, the world is a different since the pandemic. AND. In every recession, there are people who are wildly successful. In every economy, there are people who are doing well. There are always people whoContinue reading “Create Your Own Economy”

SHEcorporated Magazine

I have some exciting news! I am in September’s issue of SHEcorporated magazine. SHEcorporated magazine helps to support women business builders and entrepreneurs. As a business owner in the healthcare field for the past 15 years, I noticed that there are many lessons that you can learn from healing that cross over to starting aContinue reading “SHEcorporated Magazine”

Beliefs Keeping You From Healing

Recently, I did a workshop that discussed common limiting beliefs that keep people from healing. You can watch it here: Your mind is a powerful thing. It can either imprison you or liberate you. We are always in a process of healing. If you cut yourself, your body recognizes it and starts to heal. IfContinue reading “Beliefs Keeping You From Healing”