Procrastination: Overcoming the Art of Delay

Procrastination – is a familiar foe that has plagued countless individuals throughout history. We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives, whether it’s putting off an important task, delaying personal goals, or simply succumbing to distractions. It’s time to confront this productivity killer head-on and reclaim control of our lives. In this blog,Continue reading “Procrastination: Overcoming the Art of Delay”

30-Day Identity Challenge

For those of you who were in my manifestation course, we talked about how our identity creates our frequency. Who we are being creates the vibration that we give off into the world and attracts to us, like things. What needs to change if you are not currently seeing the results you want? More importantly,Continue reading “30-Day Identity Challenge”

Create Your Own Economy

Yes, there is a recession going on and the economy seems to be slowing down. Yes, people will lose jobs. Yes, the world is a different since the pandemic. AND. In every recession, there are people who are wildly successful. In every economy, there are people who are doing well. There are always people whoContinue reading “Create Your Own Economy”

SHEcorporated Magazine

I have some exciting news! I am in September’s issue of SHEcorporated magazine. SHEcorporated magazine helps to support women business builders and entrepreneurs. As a business owner in the healthcare field for the past 15 years, I noticed that there are many lessons that you can learn from healing that cross over to starting aContinue reading “SHEcorporated Magazine”

What My Business Taught Me About Healing

I was recently interviewed for Go Solo about being an entrepreneur and some of the challenges that business owners face: I don’t often share this side of my journey and yet, it has a lot to do with healing. Why? Because life is about healing. We come into the world whole and complete —Continue reading “What My Business Taught Me About Healing”

Do You Believe You Can Have It?

You can have anything that you BELIEVE you can have. Here are some of the most common wants from my patients: To heal from their chronic disease, illness, or pain. To be more financially abundant. To have fulfilling relationships. My question to them is, do you believe that you can have what you want? ForContinue reading “Do You Believe You Can Have It?”